Artisan Cast Updates! New Range Hoods and Edges

Artisan Cast Updates! New Range Hoods and Edges

Our Bistro Collection continues to expand! We are working on developing new products with the artisan cast metal finishes and are excited to announce our new line of artisan cast range hoods! In addition to the hoods, our Bistro Collection website is continually updating with new decorative edge profiles and finishes.

Bistro Collection Range Hoods

Artisan cast metal finishes are great for vertical surfaces and decorative pieces like range hoods. These hoods are a way of getting modern statement piece for your kitchen at a lower price point and in a much faster lead time.

Our artisan cast range hood line is based on popular styles that we have done in sheet metal, which can be cost-prohibitive and require a very long lead time, up to 12 weeks in production time. The artisan cast hoods come at a much lower price point and are done in about 4-6 weeks!

pewter artisan cast range hood with strapping


This pewter range hood from the Bistro Collection has a modern curved shape with vertical strapping and nail head details. The pewter finish can be done as a natural matte finish, or with a light or heavy patina finish that will give the hood a more dramatic look.

custom artisan cast slant front hood with blue enamel body


A great advantage to the artisan cast range hoods is that the panels of the hood body can be designed like enamel panels in a wide range of custom colors, including this royal blue hue. This style can be made to fit any kitchen aesthetic, and with decorative accents of your choice. The above photo shows a hood with nail head details that give the hood a slightly industrial feel. Larger rivets or nail head accents are also available to add to the unique design of this statement piece.

Check our Bistro Collection site for more artisan cast range hood styles and design options. Be sure to contact us with any questions or design inquiries.

New Edge Profiles

As we grow the Bistro Collection and experiment more with the artisan cast process, we are developing more and more edge profiles and details which can be incorporated into the tops.

artisan cast brass egg and dart edge


Our latest edge profile, the Egg and Dart edge, can be added to an artisan cast countertop to give it a classic, elegant look. This is a time honored look that would be perfect for furniture, range hoods, or anywhere where you want to add a classic metal accent.

Keep checking back for more updates! We can't wait to share more photos with you!

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