Bistro Collection Decorative Edge Profiles

Bistro Collection Decorative Edge Profiles

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since we launched the Bistro Collection, our line of cold cast metal countertops. In this short time, we have grown this idea into a brand unto itself and have created some amazing projects. One of the most interesting and innovative products to come from this collection is the incredible line of decorative molded edge profiles we’ve created for countertops and bar tops.

The cold cast edge profiles offer a fast and affordable way to include decorative edge styles on metal countertops and bar tops.

The decorative profiles come in a wide range of styles, from simple embellishments like rivets to highly ornate and classical carvings. We offer the edges in our cold cast metals; stainless steel, zinc, nickel, pewter, aluminum, copper, bronze, and brass. While the profiles edges have a standard thickness, we may be able to modify them to fit the needs of our project; contact us for more details.

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Bronze Allentown Style Edge Profile

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Acanthus Style Edge Profile







We can now add these stylish edges to meet the needs of any aesthetic. You can mix and match the edges and metals to create a unique top for your project.
This line of edge profiles is especially beneficial when designing commercial bar tops and restaurant tables.

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Egg and Dart Style Edge Profile in Brass

Our ‘commercial grade’ cold cast tops are a combination of a cold cast edge profile and a sheet metal top. We bond the decorative edge with the sheet metal, creating a seamless surface that is incredibly durable and stylish at an affordable price and a fast lead-time.

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Harvard Style Edge Profile in Zinc

By using the sheet metal tops, we give our customers the durability and ease of maintenance of metal bar tops, expanding on our design capabilities when working with metal. Previously, these details were either beyond the abilities to work with sheet metal, too cost prohibitive, or would take too long to fabricate. The Bistro Edges are a whole new way of fabricating decorative metal tops at a quick fabrication time and at an affordable price point.

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Carnegie Edge Profile in Zinc from the Bistro Collection

Our library of cold cast edges provides examples of what we can do with this new medium. If you come across a design you’re interested in replicating, send it to us and we will work on creating a similar edge for you. We are also continually working on new styles for the collection; make sure to check back to see what may work for your next project!
Visit our website for an overview of what we can do with the Bistro Collection. Contact us with questions about your project or to get pricing by emailing your project information to Call us with questions at 914-666-2029. You may also visit our showroom to view some countertop and bar top examples, and to get samples.

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