The Bistro Collection: Artisan Cast Metal Tops

The Bistro Collection: Artisan Cast Metal Tops

Brooks Custom is well regarded in the design industry for its use of quality materials and innovative products. The Bistro Collection, Brooks' new line of Artisan Cast metal finished countertops, is no exception.

This brand new line combines the style and charm of metal countertops with the affordability and quick lead times of wood countertops. The result of this merger is a unique living finish that can be used in conjunction with decorative edge details and complex shapes which are typically unavailable in sheet metal countertops. 

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Bistro Collection artisan cast zinc countertop display


The Bistro Collection is comprised of artisan cast metal finished countertops that are available in zinc, nickel, pewter, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and stainless steel. The metal coating, 80% real metal, is applied and bonded to a real wood core or to an exterior grade substrate. Much like metal, Artisan Cast countertops have a living finish that will continue to evolve throughout the lifetime of the top. Bistro Collection countertops are meant to have distressing, imperfections, and patina to create a "time honored" or "rustic" appearance.

Bistro Collection artisan cast zinc countertop

Bistro Collection - Acanthus edge profile on Artisan Cast Zinc Top


There are three key advantages to choosing The Bistro Collection over our sheet metal countertops; affordability, versatility, and fast turnaround times.

Materials like pewter and nickel are often requested by our clients but are found to be too cost-prohibitive for the project. This problem is solved with artisan cast countertops, which come in at about 1/2 to 2/3 the cost of a hot cast or fabricated sheet metal products.

Sheet metal products are also limited in design options by the nature of the materials. With the Bistro Collection, we can incorporate any of our edge profiles (currently available on our wood countertops). We can also fabricate curved edges, angles, and large complex shapes.

notched edge detail on an artisan cast pewter countertop blog post

Bistro Collection pewter artisan cast metal finish countertop edge detail


The lead time for our sheet metal countertops is about six weeks. Ready for delivery or installation just three-four weeks after approved shop drawings, the Bistro Collection has the fastest turnaround time for metal countertops in the industry.

We are incredibly excited about this new product line and are continuing to working on new texture and finish options from which to choose. Make sure to check The Bistro Collection's new website for updates and new photos.

If you're interested in having an artisan cast metal countertop made, please contact us at, or call us with general questions at 914-666-2029.

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