Artisan Cast Edge Profiles in Action

Artisan Cast Edge Profiles

Brooks Custom's Artisan Cast edge profiles are the biggest design advantage to come out of its Bistro Collection. These edges, either made on an artisan cast top or affixed to the edge of a sheet metal top, add incredible design details that are not possible when working with only sheet metals. 

Now that the line of artisan cast edge profiles has been out for some time, we have some better examples of how they look in action. The edge profiles have been especially popular for commercial bar tops and metal countertops that want the durability of sheet metal but with added style along the edge. metal countertop, brass countertop, artisan cast countertop, metal bar top, custom bar tops, allentown edge profile, metal edge profile

Allentown artisan cast edge profile on the upper and lower countertops of a residential bar. The edge is artisan cast brass and is seamlessly attached to a brass countertop.

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The Allentown edge is our most popular artisan cast edge profile. The edge comes in all of our artisan cast metals and can be made in a number of thicknesses and rivet styles.

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The Corinthian edge profile adds elegance to a commercial brass bar top we made for a coffee shop in Maryland. The edge is in artisan cast brass and attached to a sheet metal brass bar top.

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The Corinthian edge is one of the taller edges in the Bistro Collection. Shown here in Brass and at 4" thick. This edge comes in all artisan cast metals.

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This residential bronze countertop is made of sheet metal with an artisan cast Wellington edge profile added to the front. This hybrid construction allows the countertop to include an integral metal sink into its design.

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The Wellington artisan cast edge profile is shown here in stainless steel and at 2 1/4" thick. This edge may be available in other thicknesses depending on the scope of the job.

If you have any questions about the artisan cast bar tops, contact us at or call us at 800-244-5432.


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