Live Edge Finish Options

Live Edge Finish Options

The finish options for our live edge wood tops is what puts them in a league of their own! Each slab is kiln-dried and machine flattened for a stable and uniform surface. After sanding and staining, the slabs are sealed with our signature, hand-rubbed, Marine Finish. This permanent finish is the most durable in the wood top industry and is formulated to withstand years of use with minimal maintenance.

Custom Colors

finish options for live edge wood tops include custom color matching

In addition to our standard Brooks Custom wood stains, we can also make a custom stain match on our live edge wood tops. It's easy to request a custom match; provide us with a sample of the color you're looking to match and we will create a stain that comes as close as possible to your sample. Before fabrication commences, you will be provided with a matched sample of your color to ensure its accuracy.

Hand Hewn Texture

hand hewn finish options on a live edge wood table top

Our hand hewn finish gives live edge wood tops a worn and rustic look without the wait. The ridged surface is done to your preference; it can be subtle, or more pronounced for a greater effect.

Finish Options

medium sheen finish options for live edge wood tops

Our medium sheen finish has a bit more shine than our satin finish and closely resembles what the standard Marine Finish will look like after some time. This is a great option for those who do not want to wait for the sheen to dull on its own.

satin sheen finish options for live edge wood table top

The satin sheen option for live edge wood is the flattest finish that we offer. This finish allows the character and grain of the wood to stand out.

finish options for live edge wood maple top with marine finish

Our hand-rubbed Marine Finish is the most durable in the wood top industry. This is a permanent, waterproof and stain-proof finish that is low-maintenance and is meant to last for decades without refinishing. This finish will appear glossy when first delivered, and will then dull to a more matte finish over time as it develops its unique pattern of use.

Getting a Quote

For more examples and design inspiration for your next live edge wood top, view our table top gallery. For pricing and general inquiries, email We will review all requests as they are received and will typically return proposals within one to two business days.


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