Glass FAQ

Glass FAQ:

What does it look like?

  • Glass countertops offer a modern look commonly used for bar tops, countertops, and bathroom vanities.
  • Available in two styles, regular and fusion, glass countertops are durable and easy to maintain.
  • Regular glass countertops can be sandblasted for texture or back-painted to any custom color.
  • Fusion glass is available in a variety of colors, textures, and thickness.

What can I expect?

  • Fusion glass is formed by thermoforming ¼” layers of glass in a kiln, meaning that the texture and colors are built into the glass, so there is no danger of it chipping or wearing away.
  • Small scratches are to be expected, but will not affect the structural integrity of the countertop, and can be polished out if necessary.

Does Glass scratch?

Yes, light scratches will occur as time goes by. Minor scratches can be serviced and polished out or reduced.

What thickness is available?

Regular glass countertops are available in the following thickness options:
1/2", 3/4", 1"

What colors can the glass be?

Regular Glass color has a slight tint of green, this is caused by the iron content in the glass. Water clear glass is available, also known as “Starfire” or “Water White” glass and includes very little green color since the iron has been removed. Either Regular Glass or Water Clear Glass can be back painted using any desired paint color.

Can I Have a Sink Cutout?

Yes, we use a water jet to cut the glass so any pattern or hole size is possible. We will need a sink template or company spec.

Can I Have an Undermount Sink with my Glass Countertop?

Yes, but the sink must be supported at the cabinet. Kohler makes a bracket for this purpose.

How Much Overhang or Cantilever is Possible?

It depends on your layout. It is best to fax your plan and specs to us for a free consultation on this subject.

What Textures are Available for my Glass Countertop?

Regular Glass Countertops can be sandblasted for a translucent effect. Other textures are available for use with Fusion Glass countertops, see our Fusion Glass section for more information.

What size sheets are produced?

11 feet by 7 feet is most quickly available, though longer pieces are available. Call us to discuss your project needs.

What warranty do you offer? 

All glass products come with a Full One Year Warranty.

  • Brooks Custom will repair or replace, at their option, any product determined to be faulty due to manufacturing defects.
  • Products not installed by Brooks Custom must be returned to the Brooks Custom showroom.
  • Incidental work or adjacent materials are not included in warranty coverage. This is standard in most of the home improvement industry.
  • All shipped glass countertops must be removed from their crates within 30 days of delivery. Any claims for shipping damage must be made within that time.
  • Sales are final on all finished products left in our showroom for over 90 days.