Engineered Concrete Construction Details

Engineered Concrete Countertops - Verdicrete Concrete Construction

Verdicrete countertops are made of cement, lightweight aggregates, and a combination of additives such as fiber reinforcement, silica fume, and pozzolan. Various reinforcements are used including structural steel, wire mesh, fiberglass, and/or fibers. Sometimes more than one type of reinforcement is used.

We can build Verdicrete countertops from a minimum of ½” thick and upward. The finished edges may be made at any height. A 1 1/4” Verdicrete countertop weighs approximately 12 lbs per square foot and is 33% lighter than stone. Most factory-made kitchen cabinets will support both concrete or granite without a problem. It’s wise to check any special layout details with your kitchen designer or general contractor.

 A 1 ½” Verdicrete countertop can be overhung about 24” without support. Larger overhangs can be achieved using invisible structural supports that are built into the tops. We also use steel reinforcement bars needed.
Field joints are rarely needed. They may occur on oversized tops or at large angled corners.

What does it look like?

  • Our Verdicrete countertops are made of a highly stain, heat, and water resistant product that most closely resemble solid surface countertops.
  • Unlike these other materials, Verdicrete can be made in any color, size, or shape.
  • We rarely use field joints or seams. Most concrete construction is done in one piece unless prohibited by access to the job site or transportation concerns.
  • While we do our best to match any color on the Benjamin Moore color chart, please keep in mind that color matching is not an exact science.
  • Every slab of Verdicrete is unique and will show slight variations in tonality, color field, and texture. This uniqueness is the beauty of Verdicrete.

What can I expect?

  • Verdicrete is a very durable surface that will not crack.
  • You may see hairline cracks or surface crazing; these are considered a normal characteristic of Verdicrete and will not impact the structural integrity of your countertop.


Getting a Quote:

If you have questions about Verdicrete or are interested in getting pricing on a new project, send photos or drawings to Our design team will review your details and get back to you with an estimate within one to two business days.