Credits to our Concrete Industry Partners

Verdicrete - Credits to Our Industry Partners

While Brooks Custom is known in the concrete countertop industry for its extra durable, stain, heat, and
water resistant countertops, it's important to note that we did not get here alone. It took years of hard
work and experimentation to get our finish and formula to where it is today, and we would not have
gotten here without the help of the following people:

Jeff GerardThe Concrete Countertop Institute, Raleigh, NC

Jeff provides a great educational resource to fabricators of all levels. Though online courses and on-site trainings, Jeff can take you from a novice to pro in no time!

Bob ChattertonTrinic, Windsor, NY

Bob provides great technical support and runs on-site training programs to keep fabricators informed of new techniques and industry trends.

Doug BannisterThe Stamp Store, Oklahoma City, OK

The Stamp Store offers training and supplies for making your own concrete countertops. With over 35 years in the concrete industry, Doug certainly has knowledge to spare!

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If you have any questions about engineered concrete countertops, send your inquiries to We will be happy to assist you and broaden your knowledge about this unique material.