Engineered Concrete Countertop Details

Engineered Concrete Countertop Details and Design Options

What does it look like?

  • Our Verdicrete countertops are a stain, heat, and water resistant product that most closely resemble solid surface countertops.
  • Unlike these other materials, Verdicrete can be made in any color, and rarely requires the use of field joints or seams.
  • While we do our best to match any color on the Benjamin Moore color chart, please keep in mind that color matching is not an exact science.
  • Every slab of Verdicrete is unique and will show slight variations in tonality, color field, and texture. This uniqueness is the beauty of Verdicrete.

What can I expect?

  • Verdicrete is a very durable surface that will not crack.
  • You may see hairline cracks or surface crazing; these are considered a normal characteristic of Verdicrete and will not impact the structural integrity of your countertop.

Some of the concrete countertop details available:

  • Integral sinks in varying shapes and sizes are available.
  • We can under-mount or cut-in any sink that you provide.
  • Holes for faucets and accessories such as hot water inserts and soap dispensers are available options.
  • Integral drain board patterns and recessed areas for special uses are very distinctive options.
  • You can inlay almost any material into the concrete. Items such as glass, fossils, or shells are often used.
  • Built-in trivets, using stainless steel rods and buttons, are often used next to cooktops.
  • Molded edge profiles are available. You may choose from our library of edge shapes.
  • Staining or patterned effects offer interesting design options

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Getting A Quote:

For more information or pricing on engineered concrete countertops, send your photos or drawings to Our design team will review your details and get back to you with an estimate within one to two business days.