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Custom commercial bar tops are an amazing way to give your cafe, restaurant, or bar a unique look. Brooks Custom's materials - wood, concrete, metal, and glass - are a great way to infuse personality to your bar top and set yourself apart from the competition. 

Two photos of zinc commercial bar tops as seen in Winston restaurant in Mt. Kisco, NY

Using Alternative Materials for Commercial Bar Tops


Wood is a classic bar top material. Brooks Custom provides exemplary craftsmanship and a permanent water-proof finish. This ensures the bar will stand up to the busiest nights and rowdiest crowds.

Commercial Bar Tops  Projects — Custom Bar Tops

This wood bar top is located in Kitchen 21, a food hall on New York's Coney Island. The top measures over 100' in length and a custom edge with brass detailing.


Cafes, oyster bars, pubs, and restaurants around the world utilize metal bar tops. Stainless steel is common for very modern places where zinc, pewter, copper, or bronze are used to invoke a warmer more lived-in aesthetic.

Commercial Bar Tops Projects — Custom Bar Tops

Zinc (along with other metal) bar tops are a fantastic way to set your restaurant apart. The above example is of a patina finish zinc bar top. This curved bar top is the main focal point for a modern restaurant in Mt. Kisco, NY.


Engineered concrete is a great choice for commercial bar tops especially for establishments that have an organic or rustic feel. Concrete is also great for al-fresco dining and outdoor bars. Brooks Custom's unique engineered concrete withstands all seasons and climates without needing additional maintenance.

Commercial Bar Top Projects — Custom Bar Tops

This example of a concrete bar top is located at a waterfront restaurant in Stamford, CT. The concrete complements and adds to the natural aesthetic of the restaurant. Using concrete in this way adds an interesting design element while providing a low-maintenance and durable surface.

For more examples of Brooks Custom's commercial bar tops, visit our Pinterest Board.

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