Waterproof Wood Countertops: The Marine Finish

Waterproof Wood Countertops

Brooks Custom's Marine Finish Sets it Apart from the Competition

Wood countertops are now one of the most standard countertop choices in the kitchen and bath industry. Though widely available, many consumers are still unsure about the durability of wood countertops, especially around sink cutouts. Brooks Custom's Marine Finish is helping to calm those anxieties by setting itself apart from its competitors with a tough-as-nails finish.

The Marine Finish is the most durable finish in the wood countertop industry; it is waterproof, requires minimal maintenance, and does not require refinishing.

Waterproof Finish

waterproof finish, Premium wide plank walnut wood countertop with dark stain and marine oil finish

The Marine Finish helps Brooks Custom create waterproof wood countertops. This allows us to customize wood countertops in ways that wouldn't be possible without such a durable finish. We can incorporate stains, design details, and sink cutouts without diminishing the durability of the countertop.

What is the Marine Finish?

  • A proprietary blend of oils creating a permanent finish that does not require refinishing.
  • Our surface is highly resistant to water damage and staining.
  • Daily cleaning is simple and can be done with Lemon Pledge, Weiman's Furniture Cream, or any non-abrasive household cleaner.
  • The Marine Finish is the only finish of its kind that can be repaired on-site.

How to Maintain Finish

The Marine Finish is waterproof and is resistant to stains, but like all countertops and countertop finishes, it is not indestructible.

Occasionally, especially around undermount sink cutouts, there may be areas on the countertop where the finish wears away and will need special care.

Typically these problem areas develop through accidental misuse. we urge homeowners to not put oven-hot pots and pans directly on the countertop and not to cut directly on the surface, but sometimes accidents happen.

One area where we see people running across trouble spots is around their sinks. For undermount sink cutouts, we recommend that you use a little tung oil around the cutout for extra protection. This should be enough to prevent the finish from wearing.

waterproof finish, wood countertops, waterproof wood countertops

Sometimes people assume they need to scrub the rim of the countertop when cleaning up, but this is not the case. When done with your sink, simply wipe down the rim with a paper towel to remove any excess water. There is no need to scrub the countertop; doing so may harm the finish.

waterproof finish, waterproof wood countertop, marine finish, custom wood countertops

It is rare that a countertop with the Marine Finish will need service. In the cases where it is necessary the finish carries the huge benefit of being the only one with the ability to be repaired onsite. It pays to remember to take care of the sink rim and be gentle when cleaning and to treat the area with a bit of tung oil as an extra protectant from water.

waterproof finish, waterproof wood countertop, marine finish, cherry countertops

Brooks Custom's main priority when crafting its countertops is durability. When developing the Marine Finish, our goal was to create a finish that will hold up for decades, and we have done just that. Regularly we receive photos from customers of tops we've done years ago that look just as good today as it did when we installed it.

For more information on the Marine Finish or our wood countertops, feel free to visit our showroom at 15 Kensico Drive Mt. Kisco, NY 10549. We are open Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. If you have any questions about the product, feel free to call us at 914-666-2029, and you may request pricing by email at quotes@brookscustom.com.

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