How to Choose Between Artisan Cast & Solid Metal Countertops

Artisan Cast vs Solid Metal Countertops:

Which One is Right For You?

Shopping for a new countertop can be overwhelming given the plethora of materials available. What’s going to be most durable? What level of maintenance am I comfortable with? At Brooks Custom, we understand this conundrum as our clients are seeing materials that are not commonly used and may be unfamiliar with.

Of our materials, we find that our customers (both homeowners and tradespersons) have the most questions about metal countertops. The most common questions are about the durability of the metals, the differences between them, and how metal tops age and patina over time. Since debuting the Artisan Cast line of metal products in 2016, most customer inquiries are about the difference between solid metal and Artisan Cast products, and which will work best for their project.

Below are some things to know about the differences between Solid Metal and Artisan Cast Metal before requesting a quote:

In many ways, Artisan Cast metal looks and acts just like solid metal products. However, there are a few notable differences that can help determine which construction method is right for you.



• Can have high-polish finish

• Durable finish

• Solid Metal bent around MDF core/substrate

Good for high-traffic areas

• Takes 6-8 weeks to produce

• Seams may be required due to length/width restrictions

• Limited edge profile options

• Shapes and curves are limited

• Available in 5 Metals

charming zinc countertop in a butlers pantry

Solid Metal Zinc Countertops


• Any shape is possible

• Ornate & decorative edge

• Metal coating applied to a waterproof wood substrate (80% metal 20% resins)

• Suitable for most applications, but not for very high-traffic areas

• Ready for installation/delivery in under six weeks

• No seams

• Not available in a high-polish finish

• Available in 8 Metals

zinc countertop, artisan cast metal, metal countertops, metal edge profile

Artisan Cast Zinc Countertops


If you’re looking for a way to combine these two processes, you’re in luck! Brooks Custom found a way to provide you with the Best of Both Worlds with the Commercial-Grade Artisan Cast line. This construction method combines a solid metal top with a decorative Artisan Cast edge profile. Combing these materials gives the top the durability of solid metal with a decorative shape or edge that makes it completely unique – a great option for commercial projects or high-traffic areas!

commercial artisan cast bar top, mirror polish zinc, commercial bar top, metal bar top, decorative metal edges, artisan cast care and maintenance

Commercial-Grade Artisan Cast Countertop


Before deciding on Artisan Cast or Solid Metal tops, you are welcome to request samples. Feel free also to stop by our R&D showroom at 15 Kensico Drive Mt. Kisco, NY 10549. We are open Monday-Friday 8:30 am-4:30 pm. No appointment is necessary, but if you want to ensure one-on-one time with a salesperson, please call ahead so we know when you will be arriving. Please call 800-244-5432 or email with any questions.

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