Repairing Artisan Cast Countertops

Repairing Artisan Cast Countertops

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We’re often asked about how our artisan cast metal tops fare after installation, and how to repair them if the metal gets scratched. The simple answer is that artisan cast tops are durable, but if they do get scratched, repairing artisan cast countertops is easy to do!

While our artisan cast material is very durable and we haven’t had to do too many service calls for this product line, we’ve developed a procedure for removing scratches and other character marks should they occur.

We have found that sometimes the artisan cast metal will scratch or develop some character marks from regular use. Thankfully, the process for repairing these areas is simple and very successful. For small areas, this is something that you may be able to do yourself.

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For a larger area or a more detailed repair, we can schedule a service technician to visit your project and do an on-site repair. We schedule service calls with our own staff from Philadelphia to Boston.
The three main things you’ll need to do a repair are, a sander with sandpaper pads up to grade 400, steel wool (0000), and a metal polish like Meguair’s to bring the metal back to its original luster.

  • To Start – Sand the damaged area with sandpaper up through the grades to 400. If you have a sander and sanding pads, you can use this to make the process go faster. Sanding can also be done by hand if necessary.
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  • Depending on the condition of the countertop and the size of the area needing repair, you may want to re-sand the entire top.
  • Once the affected area has been smoothed out to your satisfaction, you can begin re-polishing the top.
  • We use 0000 steel wool to restore the finish on the metal top. To bring out the metal’s natural luster, we will apply a metal polish and continue to buff the surface until the top returns to its optimal finish.
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Once you’ve gone through these steps, your artisan cast metal countertop will look like new!

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: If your countertop has developed a patina, polishing the top will remove the aging. The patina will return in time but may present in a different pattern. Metal tops develop a pattern of use based on how the surface is used and will be a unique pattern each time it develops.
It is important to decide if the scratches or character marks call for a full re-sanding before undergoing this process if the patina/aged look is important to your aesthetic.
Before undergoing any significant service projects with your countertops, please feel free to contact or call us for technical or service advice.
If you need to report a problem or need service advice, follow this procedure to help us understand the nature of your problem. Please provide us with photos to illustrate the nature and size of your problem.

1. First, place a quarter next to each problem area as a scale reference.
2. Next, take a wide-angle photo that shows the entire countertop.
3. Then, take a close-up photo that shows the entire countertop.
4. Email photos to After we receive the photos, our Service Department will reply with resolution options.

For pricing or information on Brooks Custom’s artisan cast metal countertops, email For a hands-on look at the material feel free to visit our showroom anytime during the week. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30am-4:30 pm. Someone is available to assist you in the showroom and provide information about our products and services.

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