Kitchen Range Hoods by Brooks Custom: The Details Make the Difference

Kitchen Range Hoods: The Details Make the Difference

Kitchen range hoods play an important part in interior design. In addition to serving an important function in kitchen usage, vent hoods are making their mark as an opportunity to make a bold design statement.

As statement range hoods become the norm in kitchen design, suppliers are feeling the crunch and will often find ways to save time and money by using non-premium materials on the strapping and other design details.

Brooks Custom’s two range hood lines, the all sheet metal range hoods and the Artisan Cast metal range hoods are made with all premium materials that do not cut corners on the details.

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Many popular range hoods feature metal strapping. Because range hoods are meant to be looked at and are not subject to regular up-close inspection, some manufacturers will use a thinner material for these details.

Brooks Custom knows that details matter. Therefore, it uses real ¼” metal strapping on all of its metal range hoods.  We do this for a few reasons, but the most important one is to give the range hood a solid and classic look. Custom metal range hoods are not inexpensive, and our customers are used to receiving a product that reflects the value they paid for and the time they spent waiting for the hood to be fabricated.

Another reason we do all our design details in thick metals is, so they can be polished or given a patina based on the needs of the client. Normally, our artisan cast metals cannot be given a high polish. Using ¼” metal strapping on our artisan cast hoods gives the range hoods a finished and polished look.

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Artisan cast metal range hoods are made by building a range hood body out of wood to which the metal is then applied. The solid metal strapping and detailing not only provides an opportunity for a contrasting finish but adds dimension to the finished piece. Once finished and installed, the artisan cast range hoods are stylistically imperceptible from their sheet metal counterparts.

What’s the Difference Between Metal and Artisan Cast Kitchen Range Hoods?

The difference between the two construction methods comes down to cost and time. We know that your time is valuable, especially when navigating the final stages of a renovation or new construction project. While metal range hoods take up to 14 weeks in fabrication, artisan cast range hoods take just six weeks to make. This time saving is as valuable, if not more so than the cost savings provided by going with artisan cast. Depending on the style and size required, artisan cast hoods can be made at nearly half the price of sheet metal kitchen hoods.

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If the budget and time allow, nothing will compare with a truly custom metal range hood. Having the ability to have one in your kitchen is a true status symbol. For our style conscious clients who have a more limited budget and/or time constraints, artisan cast metal range hoods provide a solution to these hurdles without compromising on their design vision.


To inquire about pricing on range hoods, please email the size and style of the hood in which you’re interested to, make sure to specify if you’re interested in an artisan cast range hood or a sheet metal hood. Please also send along any inspirational photos you find as a reference to guide the estimator.

If you are interested in viewing our metal finishes and options for range hoods, feel free to visit our showroom at 15 Kensico Drive Mt. Kisco, NY 10549. Our regular hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am-4: 30 pm. If you have any questions, call 914-666-2029.

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