Live Edge Wood Site Update

    Live Edge Wood Update

    As the live edge wood segment of our business continues to grow, we recently decided to give the line’s dedicated website a major overhaul and update. With this update, we can give you the most up-to-date inventory and latest trends in live edge wood.

    The biggest advantage to the updated website is that we can maintain the current inventory of slabs and ready to sell tables.

    In tandem with the site redesign, we’ve also recently put a larger emphasis on completed table tops that are ready for purchase and delivery. Not only does this help those who are looking for a table on a short lead time, it also gives a visual of what clients can expect from their custom-made table.

    Here is a sample of the completed tables we have listed on our new site:

    cherry live edge wood, live edge table top, live edge wood

    Cherry 92049-50 - Measures 143" x 50" x 2"

    white oak live edge, custom live edge table top, live edge tables, white oak table

    White Oak 92045-46 - 84" x 42" x 2"

    walnut, live edge wood table, live edge update, walnut live edge

    Walnut 92022-23 - Measures 120" x 44" x 2"

    The table tops that we have on display showcase a variety of wood species, stains, shapes, and design details. Customers can take inspiration from the completed tables and use it toward building their custom live edge table or counter top.

    Not only does the updated website feature the completed table tops, we also feature our full line of live edge wood products. You can browse updated galleries of table bases, finished live edge projects, and live edge wood countertops.

    If you’re in the market for a live edge wood top or table, be sure to visit to get all the latest information and photos. For pricing inquiries, email, or call 914-666-2029 with any questions.

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