Copper Finish Options

Copper Finish Options

Brooks Custom's copper countertops are available in three standard finishes. The copper finishes available are matte, patina, and mirror-polish.

The matte finish is raw copper. We do not apply any coating or sealers to the metal, as we prefer to allow copper's 'living finish' to develop its signature patina over time. The surface will react with products and chemicals which it comes into contact and will develop a unique pattern of use.

Copper's patina generally takes about one year to fully develop. For those who do not want to wait, and like the darker look of the patina finish, we can apply a chemical patina to the copper in our shop. This patina will still evolve throughout the lifetime of the copper surface, but it will start off as a more even and darker tone.

Mirror-polished copper is an eye catching look that is best for areas that do not garner a lot of traffic. Like any high-polished material, scratches or fingerprints will be easy to see. This finish takes a little more maintenance to keep looking new than a matte or a patina finish.

Copper Finishes

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