Copper Edge Profiles

Copper Edge Profiles

Below is a list of edge profiles available for Brooks Custom's metal countertops.

Due to the nature of copper sheets, the copper edge profiles available for countertops are somewhat limited. However, the edge profiles available still represent a good range of styles. For copper countertops, you may select from styles A, C, D, F, and G.

The most popular edge profile for all materials right now is the eased square edge (A). This is a clean and modern profile that presents a streamlined look for a kitchen countertop.

For bar tops, a marine edge (C) is a good choice. The lipped edge prevents any liquids from spilling over the countertop edge.

Decorative edge profiles are available in styles D, F, and G, which are variations on a rounded edge. These profiles are simple but are more in style with a classic or rustic aesthetic.

For more detailed or decorative metal edge profiles, view our library Bistro Edge Profiles.

copper edge profiles

For more information on copper edge profiles, email with your inquiries.