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Updated news and product launches from Brooks Custom.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Kitchen Hoods

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Kitchen Hoods Custom kitchen hoods are an incredibly valuable addition to kitchen design. However, with the incredible number of design options and finishes available deciding on a style can be overwhelming not only for homeowners but for designers as well. To be more informed when beginning your search for the…

Antimicrobial Countertop Surfaces: How to Protect Your Surfaces from COVID-19

Antimicrobial Countertop Surfaces: How to Protect Your Home or Business from COVID-19 The growing health concern surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is putting people all over the world on high alert. While we vigilantly wash our hands and search for the last bottles of hand sanitizer, it’s important to think about long-term solutions. Antimicrobial countertop solutions are…

How to Choose Between Artisan Cast & Solid Metal Countertops

Artisan Cast vs Solid Metal Countertops: Which One is Right For You? Shopping for a new countertop can be overwhelming given the plethora of materials available. What’s going to be most durable? What level of maintenance am I comfortable with? At Brooks Custom, we understand this conundrum as our clients are seeing materials that are…

Live Edge Table Clearance Sale!

Live Edge Table Clearance Sale Get 50% Off Live Edge Table Inventory We're having a 50% clearance sale on live edge tables! Now through Thanksgiving, shop our inventory of live edge tables to get a stunning new table before the holidays. (more…)