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Learn more about the materials used to create Brooks Custom’s countertops and other custom products.

Easy Concrete Countertop Spot Treatment

How to Do An Easy Spot Treatment on Concrete Countertops One of the key attributes of our engineered concrete countertops is its durability. The concrete is resistant to stains and damage from water. However, like all countertop surfaces, it is not indestructible. Because concrete is made of natural stone particles and aggregates clients may see…

Live Edge Wood Site Update

Live Edge Wood Update

As the live edge wood segment of our business continues to grow, we recently decided to give the line’s dedicated website a major overhaul and update. With this update, we can give you the most up-to-date inventory and latest trends in live edge wood.

The biggest advantage to the updated website is that we can maintain the current inventory of slabs and ready to sell tables.

Stainless Steel Countertops for All Kitchens

Stainless Steel Countertops Would you guess that one of our most popular and searched for countertop materials is stainless steel? While less exotic than some of our other offerings, stainless' durability and low-maintenance qualities make it a favorite of restaurants and hospitals. These same qualities make it a sought after residential countertop material that is…

A New Way to Protect Concrete Countertops!

NEWSFLASH: A New and Straightforward Way to Protect Concrete Countertops! Richard Brooks never stops testing and improving his products. He’s discovered a great way to maintain and protect concrete countertops – Beeswax. Also known as a ‘salad bowl finish,’ beeswax is a food safe and effective sealer and protectant. (more…)