Bronze Finish Options

Bronze Finish Options

Below is a list of available bronze finish options for Brooks Custom's bronze countertops. Bronze comes in three standard finishes; matte, patina finish, and mirror-polish.

There are no sealers or protective finishes on our bronze countertops. We prefer to allow the countertops to be allowed to age and form a patina over time. The countertops will continue to evolve throughout the lifetime of the product and will form a unique pattern of use.

The natural patina of bronze will take about a year to fully develop. To reduce the wait-time, we can apply a chemical patina, which will be darker a natural bronze patina. This patina finish is also a 'living finish.' It too will continue to evolve; the patina may wear in spots of heavy use or from interactions with household chemicals or food items. The light and dark areas will blend together over time to form a unique look.

Mirror polished bronze is a bright and striking look but requires more regular maintenance to keep looking like new. Fingerprints and minor scratches will be amplified on the reflective surface and will need to be polished frequently.

Bronze Finishes:

bronze finish options

Getting A Quote:

For more questions or pricing inquiries for bronze countertops, email us your drawings or dimensions. We will review all requests as they are received; proposals are generally returned within one to two business days.