Bronze Countertops

Bronze Countertops

Bronze countertops are a durable, rustic, design choice that is growing in popularity.

Bronze is an artisanal metal that will show scratches, and slight imperfections, like most other metals with a 'living finish.' This reactionary metal will develop a patina over time and will form its own unique pattern of use.

bronze countertops with integral sink bronze hardware

Bronze comes three finishes; matte, patina, and mirror polished. The matte is a gold-like color, the patina is a dark brown, and the mirror polish is a high-polish finish that works best for accent pieces and trims.

All of these finishes will continue to evolve throughout the lifetime of the countertop. The matte finish will take about a year to develop its full patina. We can also apply a chemical patina in our shop prior to installation. This finish will be darker than a natural patina, and will still continue to evolve over time.

Bronze countertops will react with household products or food items with which it comes into contact. Acid items, like lemon juice, will lighten or remove the patina, and vinegar will darken the countertop. If you want to maintain the finish on your countertop, we suggest cleaning up any spills or drinks rings as soon as possible before they have a chance to set in.

Because bronze is such a durable metal, it will resist the minor dings and scratches of normal daily use. We do, however, recommend that you refrain from cutting or chopping directly on the countertop, and use trivets for very hot pots and pans, to protect the surface from heat damage.

Cleaning bronze is fairly low-maintenance. We recommend using Windex, or any other non-abrasive household cleaner for daily maintenance. Slight scratches may be buffed out using a Scotch-Brite pad.

Getting A Quote:

View our photo galleries for examples and inspiration on designing your own bronze countertop. For samples or pricing, please email

Click to learn more about bronze construction methods, edge profiles, detailsfinish options and texture options. Also, visit our care &feeding and FAQ pages for more information on bronze products.

All of our bronze products are designed, inspected for quality, and prepped for delivery or installation direct from our factory in Mt. Kisco, NY.

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