Artisan Cast Product Warranty

Artisan Cast Product Warranty

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Artisan Cast Product Warranty:

  • All Artisan Cast products come with a One (1) Year Warranty.
  • Brooks Custom will repair or replace, at its option, any product determined to be faulty due to manufacturing defects.
  • Products not installed by Brooks Custom must be returned to the Brooks Custom showroom.
  • Incidental work or adjacent materials are not covered under this warranty. This is standard in most of the home improvement industry.
  • All shipped items must be removed from their crates within 30 days of delivery. Any claims for shipping damage must be made within that time.
  • Sales are final on all finished products left in our showroom for more than 90 days.


What is the Artisan Cast finish?

  • The artisan cast finish is comprised of 80% metal and 20% resin.
  • This coating approximates a solid metal surface and creates a very durable and tough finish.

How do Artisan Cast Products compare to sheet metal or cast metal goods?

  • Artisan cast products will not have the superior indestructible durability of sheet metal or hot metal castings.
  • Artisan cast products are well suited for both commercial and residential products.
  • They will serve you/your clients years of use.

How do I maintain the Finish?

  • Daily cleaning can be done with mild soap and water, Windex, or other non-abrasive cleaners.
  • To maintain a fresh and like-new surface, you may use Noxon, Brasso, or any other metal polish to remove fingerprints or smudges. (Test on a small area to start.)
  • Do not leave standing water or liquids on the surface for any extended period of time to prevent marks or drink rings.

Does the surface scratch?

  • Yes, scuffs and scratches will appear on the metal. The frequency and severity of the marks will depend on the finish you choose. For example, copper and aluminum are soft metals and will scratch easily, whereas nickel and stainless steel are harder metals and will not scratch as easy.
  • Should any marks of scratches appear on your countertops, they can be blended out using a fine steel wool pad (0000) in a random motion.
  • To prevents scratches and marks:
    • Do not cut directly on the surface; use cutting boards for food prep.
    • Avoid sliding abrasive items across the countertop surface.
    • Artisan cast metal countertops are heat resistant; we recommend using trivets for oven-hot pots and pans. They are safe for contact with boiling water.

Is this product repairable? 

  • Artisan cast products can be repaired on-site.
  • For any deep scratches and severe dings, you may schedule a service technician to repair and blend the affected area.
  • The outcome will be fairly unobtrusive.

View our full Artisan Cast Care and Maintenance Sheet here.

Please feel free to contact or call us for technical or service advice before tackling significant problems with your products.