Artisan Cast Metal Finishes

Artisan Cast Metal Finishes

Our artisan cast metal finishes are available in eight materials:


The artisan cast process creates a finish that is comprised of 80% metal and 20% resin, which approximates the look of actual metals. The metal finishes look and feel like solid metals. They will form a patina and a unique pattern of use over the lifetime of the product.

The finish is durable and is suitable for most commercial and residential products. Though durable, artisan cast will not portray the indestructibility of solid metal or hot metal castings.

Artisan cast metals also allow for more design details and choices than solid metal products. To maximize durability, Brooks Custom utilizes a hybrid artisan cast and solid metal process that is perfect for commercial projects. Often used for restaurant bars and cafe tables, this process is an ideal solution for adding an intricate design element to a metal top.

Additionally, Brooks Custom can make artisan cast edge profiles on their own.

To learn more, feel free to contact us with any questions about our artisan cast metal products. For pricing inquiries, send your project details or inspirational photos to After receiving your information, we will review your project details. You can expect an estimate within one to two business days.



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